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Among our own clients and contacts, trusting relationships are forged by Trust In Selling’s Les Garnas and Dr. John Lamberth. Les and John, with widely divergent backgrounds, have cooperated on many projects over the years especially those that provide sales forces and sales force managements with an intimate sensitivity to clients, customers and prospects.

Les Garnas
My Personal Story

I’ve been working daily with sales people for over twenty years, through considerable staff, line operations, and profit-centered managerial experiences:

  • Scott Paper company, (field and sales management),
  • Reckett & Colman, (product management and sales leadership)
  • Thomas J. Lipton (an operating division’s sales and marketing leadership) and two accounting firms—
  • BDO Seidman and Ernst & Young (accounting firms)—working with process consultants, and practice partners to develop business and successful office practices.

In my teaching and sales coaching roles in these companies, and in my own businesses Trust Paradigm ™, Trust in Selling ™ and in my strategic consulting company, Edgemark ™, I concentrate on identifying very personally with a salesman’s environment and experiences. This enables me to easily identify emotionally and cognitively with the needs, concerns, and opportunities of sales people to help them solve unique business problems.

John Lamberth, Ph.D.
My Personal Story…

I’ve been a social psychologist for over 30 years. My consulting expertise lies in interpretation of social psychology issues. I was a former Temple University department head in the Department of Psychology, and co-author of six textbooks and numerous articles and reports on personal interaction. In working with Trust in Sales ™ I am working with colleagues to better understand what role trust plays in business-centered relationships, and ultimately resulting in buyers giving business to sales people whom they trust. Readings and writing of others who have studied trust indicate that acquiring trust is time-consuming, but the payoff is good in terms of building customer loyalty—which can be quite valuable when competitors try to take business away.


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