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About the Trust in Selling Group

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Les Garnas will be the moderator. His qualifications to lead are 30 years of selling experience with Fortune 10 companies and his own consulting firms: Edgemark Strategic Solutions and Trust Paradigm. He has taught advanced selling skills to over 1500 salesmen and managers and for the past five years he has been teaching trust principles to help sales people bond better with customers to increase loyalty and long term sales results.

When the moderator sees that a "critical mass" of members has been reached, members will be notified that the Trust in Selling Group will begin the activities outlined below:

Membership is open to all sales people interested in how trust affects their relationships with customers and prospects. Sales people who must work with decision-makers and decision-influencers, or managers who lead sales organizations will get the most benefit from membership in this group.

Here's how the Trust in Selling LinkedIn group will develop common interests and synergy:

  1. Frequently, trust tips will be circulated among members that encourage feedback in terms of:
    1. Commentary on how the tip has worked for them in building trust

    2. If the tip has not been tried, then try it, and provide feedback when you see customer affirmation of your interest in the customer's priorities and/or your effort in being helpful

    3. Ask questions you might have about trust issues for response by the moderator (Les Garnas) .

  2. At times, opportunities will be provided to review moderator-collected independent research data on how trust affects relationships and provide an opportunity for members to test their own customer TQ (Trust Quotient)

  3. Bi-annually, the moderator will sponsor and arrange for the group to meet together through on-line meeting services so we all can connect with a special agenda

The Trust in Selling Group will grow and expand along with the members interests.

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