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Trust builds buyer-seller bonds, selling skills, sales confidence.

High Trust Selling
Superior selling techniques focus on trust as a time-tested bond between customer and salesman.  Good sales techniques start with your first order followed by accurate, on-time delivery. Your trust tools build as sales and orders continuously meet and exceed customer expectations. With time, a salesman’s selling techniques and trust shift to sales insight, continuous attention to details, competitive intelligence-gathering and interest in the customer’s business, which leads to solid trust tools, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Trust Enables Selling Techniques Development
Your sales techniques will benefit from a relationship selling.  Self-confidence will increase; and self-awareness, as a result of bonding well with customers, should provide satisfying rewards.  Selling techniques should expand beyond order-taking to matching orders to the customer’s business development strategies—making you a more important part of the customer’s team instead of just a vendor or salesman.

Optimizing Advanced Selling Techniques with Trust
Customers buy from people they like. Being a salesman customers like, helps distance you from your sales competitors’ sales techniques and which leads to customer loyalty.  Loyalty leads to giving you larger orders because of your more sophisticated selling techniques and trust.  Long term, satisfying relationships depend on trust and consistent sales techniques.  Trust becomes a lifetime practice of successful salesmen.

Business Trust is Linked to Ethics
Trust is either enhanced or undermined by your personal ethics in dealing with customers. Salespeople who have strong trust bonds with their customers measure their action not by what they can do but what they should do for their customers. Over time, customer response is most usually trust and loyalty.

Advanced Selling Skills for Salespeople
Dov Seidman Chairman and founder of an ethics management company, counsels companies and employees to “out-behave not out-perform” in order to compete and succeed at building a trusting, ethical culture. View Dov’s insights on Charlie Rose by clicking here.


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