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Trust Coaching is About Building Skills

In 2012 a subscription-only site will be opened on the Trust in Selling Website to help sales people who want to improve their skills through personal coaching. Coaching will encompass in-depth, interactive conference discussions about trust and trust behaviors, individualized case studies, one-to-one coaching before an important sales presentation, prospect meeting or customer call, and other highly interactive ways to help trust coaching members to internalize trust and communicate its principles to customers and prospects alike.
This specialized coaching service is being offered based on the following insight:

  • Developing trust is not obvious. And it is a lifelong pursuit.
  • Since customers expect to be satisfied, a satisfied customer is just as likely to defect as one who is dissatisfied. With an array of choices that customers have, a sales person must go beyond satisfaction to win customers’ loyalty.
  • Loyal customers spend a high percentage of their allotted money on products and services with the sales person who is the focus of their loyalty.
  • Loyal customers provide higher profits, repeat business, and referrals.
  • If you can increase your customer retention by 2% this cuts your company’s operating costs by 10%. If you can communicate your track record to your management, this can become substantiation for a larger bonus.
  • Sales people should seek lifetime customers, because it costs five to seven times more time to find new customers than to retain the customers you already have.

If you are interested in personalized coaching services contact us and we'll personally contact you when this service, and other areas you have checked-off, become available.

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