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Case Study 18
Probing Questions

At this point, you only have assumed the other person will be willing to work on a project of this nature. To be more confident of the fit, consider asking the following:

First, tell your potential networking partner what kind of a project you have in mind, and that your supervisor approves of your involvement in such a project.

  1. Ask your colleague if being involved in a project of this nature supports his goals for self-development and recognition within the company. Is so, how does it support his goals?
  2. Ask if he were to discover the need for such a project independently of your conversation together, how he would think about developing it.
  3. Ask how he thinks his supervisor would view his involvement, and what benefits might accrue to his supervisor and to him?
  4. Ask what kind of commitment he could make to such a project based on his interests and workload?
  5. Should other people be brought into the project and what role would he like to have as the project moves from a concept to a reality?

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