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Case Study 12

Many years ago, and during a quiet moment together, I engaged in a long conversation with a man who was a very successful senior partner of a prestigious law firm in New York City.

He related to me that he had never wanted to be a lawyer. From an early age he had wanted to be a doctor. Since his father felt he would make a great lawyer he pursued law. And at the top of his successful career in law, he was not happy. Chances are, he also would have made a great doctor. But he never had a plan for himself. He let the road guide him; Not his dreams.

Your personal networking strategy should include contact strategies that help enhance your job aspirations. Yes, you can get noticed for simply doing good work. However, you will really get noticed if you do things that demonstrate a more global understanding of how your job fits into the long-range plans and leadership needs of your company. As your personal plan develops, check its vibrancy by asking yourself the following questions.

  1. Does my networking plan allow for connecting with others at my same or similar responsibility levels who exhibit a strong commitment that I admire? If so, I do I plan to connect with them to learn more about how they progress through their job assignments that gets them noticed?
  2. Does my networking plan allow for me to practice leading my fellow networkers from time-to-time in helping to develop a synergy for the group?
  3. Does my networking plan allow me to grow within my comfort zone? Or does it challenge my zone? Which would I prefer to develop? Why?
  4. 4. Does my plan include many small steps to success? Or am I trying to hit a home run? Which would be better for my long-term success?
  5. Will my plan keep me engaged? If it needs to be revisited, what should be the timing for review and updating my approach to my networking efforts?

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